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Sunset image from Prindle Mountain
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Unveil the Mystical, Celebrate the Empowered, Embrace the Divine Feminine: Sisters of Lilith Summer Festival

Venture into the hidden sanctuary where secrets are shared, and identities are unveiled. Dive into the unknown and unravel the mysteries of our sisterhood. Join our inner circle by subscribing to our newsletter for exclusive access to our cryptic gatherings and clandestine affairs—journey with us as we traverse the shadows and illuminate the depths of our collective power.

Join us again this year on June 22nd! We will return to our venue in the Columbia River Gorge, Washougal, WA. Just 30 minutes outside of Portland, OR

Honoring Persephone

Our summer solstice event will return to Prindle Mountain. In our sacred space, we will be featuring something new this year: the honored guest. The Sisters have chosen to honor Persephone. We will have a dedicated altar to her where you can leave offerings and send prayers to our beloved goddess; dances, songs, and rituals will be held in her honor. Come dressed in your finest to the theme. Perhaps we meet the physical embodiment of Persephone herself on this day.

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Images from our 2023 summer

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